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Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Updated on: 10/07/2017 
1.   Prof. Archana R Singh Khushboo Full Time 2001-WC-361 20/06/2017 Not yet approved 19/06/2022 No
2.   Prof. Archana R Singh Bhartesh Thakur Full Time 17/1424/Ph.D 08/03/2017 Not yet approved 17/03/2022 No
3.   Prof. Sanjay Wadwalkar Kiran Deep Full Time 16/1172/Ph.D 19/08/2016 Not yet approved 17/08/2021 No
4.   Dr. Bhavneet Bhatti Rupinder Kaur Full Time 16/1171/Ph.D 19/08/2016 Not yet approved 18/08/2021 No
5.   Prof. Sanjay Wadwalkar Nisha Thapar Full Time 16/1168/Ph.D 18/08/2016 Not yet approved 17/08/2021 No
6.   Prof. Sanjay Wadwalkar Esha Nayyar Full Time 08-Jon-6 03/02/2016 Not yet approved 02/02/2021 No
7.   Dr. Bhavneet Bhatti Sunny Dhaliwal Full Time 15/1310/Ph.D 10/12/2015 Not yet approved 09/12/2020 No
8.   Prof. Sanjay Wadwalkar Aarti Anand Full Time 15/1292/Ph.D 23/11/2015 Not yet approved 20/11/2020 No
9.   Prof. Mohanmeet Khosla Neha Saroj Full Time 15/1264/Ph.D 21/10/2015 Not yet approved 20/10/2020 Yes UGC
10.   Prof. Sanjay Wadwalkar Nipun Ansal Full Time 15/310/Ph.D 21/10/2015 Not yet approved 21/10/2020 Yes UGC
11.   Prof. Archana R Singh Prabhjot Sohal Full Time 15/1269/Ph.D 21/10/2015 Not yet approved 20/10/2020 No
12.   Prof. Mohanmeet Khosla Divya Jyoti Randev Full Time 15/90/Ph.D 01/05/2015 Not yet approved 30/04/2020 No
13.   Prof. Mohanmeet Khosla Neha Jindal Full Time 15/89/Ph.D 01/05/2015 Not yet approved 30/04/2020 No
14.   Prof. Mohanmeet Khosla Aarti Kapur Full Time 19200 24/07/2012 Space as a Metaphor in Mainstream Hindi Cinema: A Study of the Female Protagonist 15/05/2018 No
15.   Prof. Mohanmeet Khosla Preeti Gambhir Full Time 19066 15/05/2012 Purpose, Process and Consequences of Social Media Usage 14/05/2018 No
16.   Prof. Mohanmeet Khosla Hemdeep Kaur Full Time 19068 14/03/2012 Role of Social Media in Promoting Social Capital 29/09/2017 No
17.   Prof. Archana R. Singh Sahil Kaul Full Time 19070 14/03/2012 Human Rights of Journalists in Jammu and Kashmir: An Awareness Assessment Study 13/03/2018 No
18.   Prof. Mohanmeet Khosla Anupama Sharma Full Time 18846 23/01/2012 Information as Empowerment: Scope, Usage and Impact of RTI Act In Himachal Predesh 22/01/2018 Yes ICSSR
19.   Prof. Archana R. Singh Mukesh Kumar Full Time 18734 11/08/2011 Local Media in Global Scenario: A Content Analysis of Small Hindi Newspapers in India 12/02/2018 No
20.   Prof. Archana R. Singh Siddhartha Negi Full Time 18583 03/03/2011 Dimensions of Investigative Journalism in India: A Descriptive Study 02/03/2018 No
21.   Prof. Sanjay Wadwalkar Sumedha Singh Full Time 18581 07/01/2011 Role of Communication in Self Realization A Study of the Practitioners of Philosophy of Soka Gakkai International (SGI) 05/01/2018 No

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